Marketing And Branding Your Kitchen & Bath Dealership – What, How & Why?

The truth is most Kitchen & Bath business doesn’t even have a detailed business plan, yet alone a marketing plan. When I had my business, I had a “Business Plan”, but it was incomplete and I found out later was really a Marketing Plan. I thought I would spell out the difference between Marketing & Branding. 90% of Kitchen & Bath Businesses go about this completely blind or worse use an “Advertising Marketing Executive” to help them. This article should point you in the right direction of establishing your overall strategy for 2008/2009. Now is the time to be smart with your dollars, not waste them on Advertising without a purpose.Phil Zaleon and his book the A is for Advertising and B is for Branding describe Marketing and Branding in a concise and easy to understand format. I recommend this book highly.Marketing is defined as: The act of buying and selling in a market.Branding is defined as: A Trademark or Distinctive name or kind of product or service.NOW I know what you’re saying, “I am a small Kitchen and Bath Dealer, I don’t have the budget to do marketing and branding plan. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, it matters that you’re doing it. In some small way we are marketing and branding every day. Let me break it down simply.
You are at social function and you meet someone new, and they ask “What do you do”. You should have a 2 to 3 minute simple statement of purpose that expresses your business goals. For example: “I really love providing people innovative kitchen design and products that fit the homes they live it” -Marketing.You have a prospect that comes into your business and states “Your Company is known to be the most expensive yet quality firm in this town”-Branding
Now there is allot more to the story, I simply wanted to try and point out the difference simply.
Of course you should have a percentage budget for marketing. The consensus is: New business 7-8%
2-3 Year old business is 5-7% and an established business is 3- 5 %. Phil says to ad 2-4% for brand development if you’re a new business.”I DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY”, then cut back on your other expenses and overhead. Put more capital in your business and stick to your plan. The Marketing and Branding of your business is like the maintenance on your car. If you don’t maintain your business (car) it does what. Works fine for a while, but then any change in the market. (Slowdown or Increase) you’re not prepared to handle the change correctly and you will overreact because you don’t have a plan that includes flexibility.Your overall marketing plan will brand your business if it is planned correctly. No excuses, get started now, it is never too late. I am happy to help you.