How to Advertise for Free

Making a business successful, no matter what that business specialises in, is largely a matter of making sure that you get heard and making sure that people know what your company does. The thing is that even the very best product in the world isn’t going to result in a successful business if no one knows it exists. In many ways then, advertising, marketing and PR are the most important aspects of your company’s success.The problem is of course that advertising costs money, and as it sometimes falls flat, this leaves you spending money on advertising that sometimes doesn’t workout. However thanks to SEO and the internet it is possible to sometimes advertise completely free – meaning that you can advertise in a far larger quantity without having to risk losing lots of money. Here we will look at some strategies you can use to advertise online and through other methods completely free of charge that an SEO service would use for your website. The following is how to advertise for free.Advertising on Free Ads: Craigslist is a huge free-ads website that allows you to list as your items and services completely free. There are lots of categories on the site and this allows you to list your products individually, particular services or even for employees and this will also enable people to search for what it is they want. Another similar alternative to this is Gum Tree which is another easy answer for how to advertise for free.Social Networking Sites: Social networking sites have plenty of opportunity for advertising. On something like Facebook you can create a ‘fan page’ or your own profile and either can have a range of different details as well as pictures and when you post offers and special deals they will show up in people’s home feeds.Through Articles: Many websites allow you to post articles for free and these will include a ‘resource’ box. This is one of the most common methods how to advertise for free and one of the most common article directories is Ezine Do note however that if it is too obviously promotional this might not be permitted on the website.Write a Press Release: If you write a press release then you can make your special offers or new developments into news. This way if you then submit the release to related websites and magazines they may write about your company for you for free.Your Own Website: If you really want to know how to advertise for free then you should set up your own website – essentially a free advertisement for your company which can include as much information as you need and potentially a portfolio. Then by using SEO services you can make sure this is seen by as many people as possible.